05/24/2016 16:51

I purchased this blade as a gift

I searched for some time to figure out the perfect blade at the right pricepoint. When I found the Dalstrong Infinity Blade on sale with such excellent reviews, I read through the description and specs, sifted through any negative reviews, and looked at product shots. I am a graphic designer with an eye for detail. I love a company that takes pride in not only their product, but its presentation. Everything down to the packaging is important to me.

The blade sold out before I could purchase it, but became available again just in time for me to order it as a gift. I rushed home when I found out it arrived. I had to open it up.

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The product's box comes enclosed in a sleeve that has a beautiful feel to it- a velvety stock that screams quality. You remove the sleeve, and the box is opened from the side, held together by a magnet hidden inside the walls of the box. The box is thick and looks and feels classy. The magnetic closure is a very nice touch. Inside is the stand, sharpener, knife in its sheath, all in molded compartments to keep them from jostling around. There is also the wipe to keep the blade clean, and various documentation.

The blade is gorgeous. The mirrored surface is dark in color, but is also very high-shine. This blade is very sharp. I don't plan on testing it before I give it as a gift, but I have no doubts in my mind that it will hold its ground. Even if it didn't, the customer service has thus far been fantastic and responsive. There is documentation for the purchaser inside that addresses both a negative and positive experience, just in case you are not satisfied with the product. Between this and the way the company speedily responds to concerns not only through Amazon, but also to email (I emailed with concerns as to when the product would again be available, and they responded the same day from the owner himself, or at least someone signed as the owner...) and the fact that this blade has human touch to ensure a truly quality product, I would recommend buying this blade for anyone, especially someone special to you with a love for cooking, or for yourself. I know that I plan on getting one for myself in the near future. Great product. Don't ever scale back on the user experience. Just unboxing this was a delight. (SOURCE)


05/04/2016 17:07

I absolutely love these knives. The profile of the blade is great and they are really sharp right out of the box. I purchased the Santoku, 8" chef, 6" Chef, Utility, Ultimate Utility, bread knife, and pairing knife. Not only are they a great looking set of knives to display in your kitchen, but they truly do take your cooking to another level. Some people complain that the polymer handle feels cheep, but these knives are perfectly priced for what they are. The polymer grip is comfortable and its profiled it such a way that it looks great. These knives truly show the mastery knife making at work at Sora. I also have a some Wusthof Classics, Messermeister Elites, and a set of the Calphalon Katana. The Classics and Elites I love. The Katanas not so much. These Soras are the best knives in this price range and I love them. My favorite out of all of them has to be the 7" Santoku, but all of the others are great too.

Some people say they got rust spots on these knives. Well more expensive knives have a good side and a bad side. They are great because you get better blade profiles, with a blade that holds an edge a lot longer and is much easier to sharpen, but the down side is they are prone to rust. You shouldn't just leave these knives laying in a wet sink for days like you can do with cheaper knives. You should do that with any higher end knife because they will all get rust spots. Also I can not stress this enough. Do not put these knives in the dishwasher. When you finish using them. Hand wash them in soap and water. Hand dry them really good and put them back on your knife rack. Also make sure you knife isn't wet from placing wet knives on it. Putting your good knives on a wet knife rack is a good way to get rust spots. These really are great knives that are very easy to take care of with a little respect and a few steps, and these are possibly the best knives in the price range. These or the Messermeister Elites. Though the elites are a little more expensive than these. You will not regret  buying these Sora. Also if you purchase these. Get yourself a nice knife rack to display them. The beautifully crafted knives look way to go to be thrown in a knife block or drawer.

02/26/2016 17:21


Colour your kitchen!


Here are two of the best – selling colourful kitchen cookware that is trending in the market.

VREMI 15 pcs Non Stick Colour Pop Cookware set, Cool Touch Handles, Oven Safe, PTFE and PFOA free


I have been using these pans for about 4 months now and I love them! I am actually using my non-stick utensils on this cookware and they have actually not been scratched even a little. This cookware set is made out of a complete set of 6 essential pots and pans. The interior and exterior of the cookware is made with non-stick materials hence making it easy to be cleaned and wiped. This cookware set comes with 3 saucepans, 1 stockpot, 2 frying pans, and a slotted spoon, spatula, pasta server, a ladle and a potato masher. The colours are so unique and each pot and pan has its own colour.

Cook N Home 6 Piece Non-stick Ceramic Coating Die Cast Cookware Set, Multicolour


This is another set of colourful cookware set that you have to own! My sister actually owns this one and let me tell you, it is as amazing as the any other set of cookware only better. Each pot that is in this set is covered with a super smooth ceramic type of coating which acts better than the most common type of non-stick coating. This set of cookware is made with high quality pressure and is manufactured by the advanced technology and also is made with fine grade aluminium to ensure there are even heat distribution along the whole pot. This set of cookware is dishwasher safe and it works with all the type of stove except for the induction ones. This set of cookware is easy to be handled as the handle of each pot is soft and heat resistant. This set also comes with a tempered glass lid hence giving you an advantage to look at the food that is being cooked while cooking it.

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Using a proper cutting board and hand washing your knives are absolutes; you're either doing it or you're not. Wood, bamboo, and plastic are better for your knives than composite boards; harder boards like glass, metal, stone, and ceramic will quickly destroy knives, experts say. Don't place any item on your cutting board that you don't want to be cut.

The best knife for your best friend may not be the best knife for you. If possible cut with a knife before you buy it to see how it feels in your hands. As a general rule, if you wouldn't bite into it with your teeth, don't touch it with your chef's knife.

Sharp knives + washing up bowls full of soapy water + unsuspecting hands = nasty surprise. Wash your knives after using, dry, and put away in a knife block, knife drawer insert, or secure magnetic rack.

The reason you cut yourself less with a sharp knife is because it takes less force to cut through anything. Sharp knives aren't scary, blunt ones that need loads of force and are liable to go anywhere are. Use the right tool for the job and use it the right way.

Tuck your fingers under and use the knuckles as a guide for the knife. Watch your thumb too! Check out this video on proper knife skills before you start chopping.

Use a chef's knife or paring knife, even if these are the only two knives you own. In many households, the serrated steak knives are often the only sharp knives capable of cutting at all. Most items can be cut in a nice slice with a single long draw of a serrated knife.

You are better off buying a couple of really good knives than a huge block set of mediocre knives. Many people use the blade edge of a knife to corral the food to the edge of the board. Avoid using the blade of the knife to sweep things off the board, instead turn it over and use the spine of the knife to keep the working edge sharp