Perfect Ceramic Knife I Bought as A Gift

05/24/2016 16:51

I purchased this blade as a gift

I searched for some time to figure out the perfect blade at the right pricepoint. When I found the Dalstrong Infinity Blade on sale with such excellent reviews, I read through the description and specs, sifted through any negative reviews, and looked at product shots. I am a graphic designer with an eye for detail. I love a company that takes pride in not only their product, but its presentation. Everything down to the packaging is important to me.

The blade sold out before I could purchase it, but became available again just in time for me to order it as a gift. I rushed home when I found out it arrived. I had to open it up.

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The product's box comes enclosed in a sleeve that has a beautiful feel to it- a velvety stock that screams quality. You remove the sleeve, and the box is opened from the side, held together by a magnet hidden inside the walls of the box. The box is thick and looks and feels classy. The magnetic closure is a very nice touch. Inside is the stand, sharpener, knife in its sheath, all in molded compartments to keep them from jostling around. There is also the wipe to keep the blade clean, and various documentation.

The blade is gorgeous. The mirrored surface is dark in color, but is also very high-shine. This blade is very sharp. I don't plan on testing it before I give it as a gift, but I have no doubts in my mind that it will hold its ground. Even if it didn't, the customer service has thus far been fantastic and responsive. There is documentation for the purchaser inside that addresses both a negative and positive experience, just in case you are not satisfied with the product. Between this and the way the company speedily responds to concerns not only through Amazon, but also to email (I emailed with concerns as to when the product would again be available, and they responded the same day from the owner himself, or at least someone signed as the owner...) and the fact that this blade has human touch to ensure a truly quality product, I would recommend buying this blade for anyone, especially someone special to you with a love for cooking, or for yourself. I know that I plan on getting one for myself in the near future. Great product. Don't ever scale back on the user experience. Just unboxing this was a delight. (SOURCE)